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>A Climate Hazard Vegan - U.S.A.
>Diet Gives Diabetic New Lease of Life
>How We Teach Children... Vegan - U.S.A.
>Top Vegan Nutrition Myths Vegan - U.S.A.
>Understanding Neocarnism Vegan - U.S.A.

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>Hello Vegan
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>Laika Vegan - U.S.A.
>Lúcuma Vegan - U.K.
>Naked Food Magazine Vegan - U.S.A.
>Pinto Magasin Vegan - Sweden
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>Robot Vegan Vegan - U.S.A.
>Scoffer Towers Vegan - U.K.
>Soyfucker Comic Zine Vegan - U.S.A.
>The ABCs of Nutrition Vegan - U.S.A.
>The Abolitionist
>The Beautiful Future Vegan - England
>The Chip Butty Vegan Cookbook Vegan - England
>The Laughing Cow Ezine Vegan - U.K.
>The New Vegan Times Vegan - U.S.A.
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>Rethink Food Book Vegan - U.S.A.
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